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Marriage Counseling Atlanta

Hello! We would like to warmly welcome all of you to marriage counseling Atlanta. We are happy that you are here inquiring into couples counseling Atlanta.

You will love what we stand by and you will love the services we provide as far as the different types of couples therapy at marriage counseling Atlanta.

Are you ever fighting with your significant other about money? No? What about a lack of communication from either your spouse or yourself?

Well if the answer is still no, I’m sure you are thinking about something else you may be struggling with in your marriage.

We have the solutions that you are looking for and seeking right now at this stage in your life in couples therapy Atlanta.


atlanta couples counseling

Couples Counseling

atlanta marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling

atlanta premarital counseling

Premarital Counseling


Marriage Counseling Atlanta

atlanta couples therapy

Our goal at marriage counseling Atlanta is to help you to gain respect and empathy for yourself and your spouse or significant other. We strive to help you in strengthening your connection, including that of intimacy.

It is really easy to point fingers and blame when in a relationship. This is why it is so important to gain a better understanding of yourself and your own thoughts and emotions. The more you look toward yourself and work on your own flaws the better your relationship becomes.

It is really difficult to accomplish strengthening and growing from these flaws without outside professional help. Our master counselors are phenomenal in helping people to strengthen themselves and grow from their flaws during relationship therapy at couples counseling near me.

We understand that most people with marriage problems struggle with conflict resolution. Having the same conflict not just once but over and over again. And the same conflicts.

It is our goal to help you learn how to properly overcome and learn effective problem solving resolution.

It takes a lot of understanding, open hearts and open minds to have the strength and ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes and be able to problem solve.

Why Choose Us? Does couples counseling help?

Couples counseling Atlanta has a great reputation. We have a passion for relationship counseling Atlanta. We have a passion for our clients and seeing them overcome some of the largest obstacles they face in their life, get to know their internal selves, face their demons, become connected and unite as a couple.

Are you in demand of a counseling service of Atlanta? We are the people for you. We admire the education of our counselors and believe other people need to come to Atlanta marriage counseling and experience a dose of their knowledge.

For multiple years we have been able to give couples affordable marriage counseling Atlanta. Here is a snippet of our Atlanta counseling services that we offer at marriage counseling Atlanta:

Top in Knowledge

Couples therapy Atlanta

Budget friendly

Black marriage counseling

Spiritual based

Christian marriage counseling

Many options

Black couples counseling Atlanta

Many options

Relationship therapy

Call us now so that we can see you and help you to enhance your life and your relationship.

What to expect in relationship counseling Atlanta?

Our counseling service of Atlanta is the best. People from all over love to come to couples therapy Atlanta because we teach you how to go from two people living in the same space and doing the mundane day to day things to being giddy and actually enjoying the company of one another again.

A lot of couples go through a “honeymoon” phase and then when it is over they are faced with the realization that life is not quite what they were thinking it would be. It is hard to go from one high to such a low without the hope of the high again. Couples counseling Atlanta will help restore that hope.

We will be your support. We will be your shoulder. We will be your stepping stool.

Have you ever been sitting in a meeting in a hard chair trying to focus, but all you can do is think about your bottom side falling asleep from the hard chair? Your experience in couples therapy Atlanta or marriage therapy Atlanta will be far from that.

You will call and be warmly greeted by our amazing team. Your therapist will welcome you with open doors to a homey cozy room with comfortable seating. You will be able to focus purely on what you are there to accomplish.

At marriage counseling Atlanta we make it a top priority to make sure our clients are comfortable and feel secure in the space they are being most vulnerable.

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We know that not everyone is at the same phase of life. Some people are not yet married and for them we have premarital counseling.

For those of you who are married we offer to you relationship counseling. We know that not everyone is christian or wants that integrated into their counseling. This is why we are happy to announce that we have christian couples counseling for those who do.

Premarital counseling Atlanta

Premarital counseling you will love to see and learn the things that you didn’t even know that you didn't know about each other. Much of marriage is unknown. Learning to live with someone else, learning to be a part of another family is an adjustment.

Even though sometimes beginning a relationship and marriage can be one of the most challenging times in some peoples life we will help you to make this transitioning time in your life smooth. Premarital counseling Atlanta will be just the thing you need.

Marriage counseling Atlanta GA

With all that life brings couples counseling Atlanta can be the marriage support that you are missing in your life. We have seen many couples who have experienced so much heartache with things out of their control and some things within their control.

Do you know what you have control of? That can be a major challenge in a relationship. One thing for sure is your thoughts and emotions. But sometimes even those can feel out of control.

This is when you are needing counseling service of Atlanta. Here in couples therapy Atlanta you will learn how to reel those in and control them.

Christian marriage counseling Atlanta

We love Christ and His teachings at marriage counseling Atlanta. We want others to experience becoming more like Him through our christian marriage counseling. The way to become unified in a marriage is to have the same focus.

When your focus is on Christ and becoming more like Him you will begin to see your spouse and to treat your spouse in a whole new way. Your life will begin to be filled with peace, compassion, and forgiveness.

About Atlanta GA

Atlanta is a big sports hub. We’ve got the Braves, we have the Falcons, we have the Hawks, we have it all. Atlanta Georgia has the best southern hospitality and is known for it.

Although it is southern, architecturally it has not been known as southern because it was first built as a railroad city and later took on Midwest styles as the trends were going.

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia. Atlanta has a population of around 506,000 people. Atlanta is gorgeous and filled with leafy greens all around.

Atlanta is about 50% black African American, 50% mix of white, asian, and mexican latino. It is well known for its film and technology developing.

They have tons of professional and permanent theater, arts, oprahs, and others of the such.

The cities that side and boarder Atlanta Georgia are:

  1. Tucker, GA
  2. Redan, GA
  3. Decatur, GA
  4. Norcross, GA
  5. Clarkston, GA
  6. Lilburn, GA
  7. Scottdale, GA
  8. Stone Mountain, GA

Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling

How successful is relationship counselling?

Very. When you and your relationship partner are attending couples counseling Atlanta GA you will see results. There is a very high success rate. You learn the tools and you have the accountability to maintain and strengthen your relationship. That is the best way to succeed.

Could Atlanta marriage counseling make our marriage worse?

It is extremely important that you find a therapist for marriage counseling that you love and respect. By finding the right therapist for you your marriage will be nothing but enhanced. When attending couples therapy near me with a therapist that you do not love nor respect, you will not have the success and results that you are hoping and wishing to have. Do your research and be open and honest if it is not working out. They want the best for you.

Would our counselor ever tell us to get divorced?

No. Our therapists are highly trained. They will be the greatest listening ear and offer to you the best marriage advice they have. They will be there to assist you and guide you through that decision if that is a decision your spouse and you have come to, but they will not tell you whether or not you should make that choice.

How often should we attend marriage counselling?

You will meet with your therapist and they will suggest to you how often to attend for the most benefit. It may be every week, it may be every other week, it all just depends on you and your counselor. It will take a while for your therapist to really get to know you and your partner, to understand the dynamics of where you came from and of your current state of your relationship.

Client Testimonials

We found a good marriage counseling near me here and have really grown to love each other again like we did when we were dating. It is nice to have those feelings sparked again and see the light in each other's eyes as we have hope for the future that was gone for a while.

Christopher Barlow

I am happy to write that marriage therapy worked wonders for our relationship. We loved the principles that were taught and the whole feeling of the place. You can feel the love and the investment in your relationship from everyone while at Atlanta marriage counseling.

Jade Johnson

I am a very frugal person which is why I haven’t gone to couples counselling. I just couldn’t justify going when we could just google ways to solve our problems. Well I was wrong. After everything I have learned I would budget for this again and again. It is well worth every penny.

Julie Tuckets

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Have you come to the understanding that relationships take work? They are not easy. It is a learning curve to become one with someone else who grew up in a totally different world than yourself.

You may be finding that you are needing pre marriage counseling. Maybe you just got married yesterday, maybe you got married 10 years ago and are now finding that you are needing couples therapy. We have it all here.

We try to express the importance of not waiting till things get harder, call today! Call marriage counseling Atlanta now to schedule an appointment with one of our incredibly trained and loving therapists.

Marriage Counseling Atlanta

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